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Olive Egger Chicken


Introducing the Olive Egger Chicken – an exciting new breed of chicken that lays beautiful green and blue eggs! This delightful hybrid is a cross between a dark brown egg-laying breed and a blue egg-laying breed, making it popular among backyard flock owners for its unique egg color. Not only is it visually striking, but the Olive Egger Chicken is also known for its hardy nature and gentle, friendly temperament. They are easy-going and love the company of their human owners, making them the perfect addition to any home. On top of that, Olive Egger Chickens typically lay around 200 eggs each year! Get your Olive Egger Chicken today for a unique and exciting addition to your flock.

**50% deposit is require to reserve birds.**

*Please allow 48 hours to receive expected date for pick up.


Day Old Chick – Straight Run, 8 Week Old Chick – Straight Run, 18+ Week Old Pullet, 1 Hatching Egg, 1/2 Dozen Hatching Eggs, 1 Dozen Hatching Eggs


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