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Light Brahma Chicken


Introducing the Light Brahma Chicken – one of the oldest chicken breeds in the world! This friendly bird is known for its gentleness, unique look and personality, and intelligence and curiosity. Its dual purpose makes it an ideal breed for both egg and meat production. Light Brahma Chickens are great for backyard flocks, as they can weigh up to 10 pounds and produce an impressive 150 large, light colored eggs each year. With its gentle nature and impressive egg-laying abilities, the Light Brahma Chicken is sure to be the highlight of your backyard flock!

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Day Old Chick – Straight Run, 8 Week Old Chick – Straight Run, 18+ Week Old Pullet, 1 Hatching Egg, 1/2 Dozen Hatching Eggs, 1 Dozen Hatching Eggs


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