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Golden Laced Polish Chicken


If you’re looking for an egg-laying chicken that’s beautiful and friendly, then the Golden Laced Polish is the perfect choice. These incredible birds have stunning feathers with a golden lace pattern running throughout, giving them an elegant and majestic appearance. Not only do they look beautiful, but they are also known for their calm personalities, making them excellent pets to keep around the home. And with their excellent egg-laying capabilities, you can count on them to provide you with fresh eggs to enjoy for breakfast. On top of all that, these beautiful birds also have a crest of feathers on their heads, giving them a unique and regal look. Get your Golden Laced Polish today and you won’t be disappointed!

**50% deposit is require to reserve birds.**

*Please allow 48 hours to receive expected date for pick up.


Day Old Chick – Straight Run, 8 Week Old Chick – Straight Run, 18+ Week Old Pullet, 1 Hatching Egg, 1/2 Dozen Hatching Eggs, 1 Dozen Hatching Eggs


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