About Us

Arrowhead Point Farms is a family run poultry farm located on Lake Spence.  

Our family of 5 humans, 3 cats, 1 dog, and countless birds enjoys the peace and quite a country life affords.

As of right now the only birds we have available are day old AP Barnyard Layers and AP Rainbow Layers.  These are both lines that we have developed over the last couple of years focusing on birds that are heat tolerant as well as good layers.  This spring we are expanding our breed list to include Bared Rock, Ameracaunas, and Black Jersey Giants.

We are different from most poultry farms in that our focus isn't only on breeding birds.  With there being so many unique challenges one faces when raising chickens in the country, we are developing a line of chicken coops that will be easily expandable and largely automated.  Let's face it, chicken math is a real thing...  

Aside from chickens (and all that goes with them) we have several other areas that we have products in.  During the holidays we will have pies, baked goods, and candies available for local pick-up.  We also have various decorative and useful items that will be available.  These items will change frequently and be totally dependent on how much "spare" time we have.