About Us

Arrowhead Point Farms is a family run poultry farm located between Robert Lee and Sterling City, Texas.

Our small family enjoys the peace and quite a country life affords.

Currently we are only offering Coturnix Quail as adult birds as well as hatching eggs.  This coming spring (2023) we will have a much larger selection of birds including Royal Palm Turkey, Pure Ameracauna (Blue, Black, Splash), Black Copper Maran, Mixed Colored Silkies, Olive Eggers, Barred Rock, and Road Island Reds chickens as well as our Coturnix Quail and possibly some Chukars.

We are different from most poultry farms in that our focus isn't only on breeding birds. Our belief is that raising chickens the first time shouldn't be as overwhelming as it was for us.  Because of this belief we readily share information and answer questions.  If you need help or have questions about anything poultry related don't hesitate to reach out to us.  We're here for you!

Aside from chickens (and all that goes with them) we have a few other things that we are working on around here.  There is an array of wood turned items that will be listed on the website as they come available.  Also we are working towards being able to provide fresh quail meat and produce locally.  Both of these should be available before spring 2023.

Make sure you sign up for our email list to stay up to date on what is happening around here.  I promise we will not share or sell your information to anyone, and we don't do daily emails (who has time for that nonsense?!).

As always stay blessed and well and we hope to hear from you soon!